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Essential Oils For Dogs

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We have embraced our dogs as part of the family for centuries; they are indispensable to our hearts and happiness. It's no surprise that when it comes to their health, we would do anything to keep them safe and ease any of their discomforts. Unfortunately, veterinarian costs add up quickly and often produce mediocre results, not to mention exposing our pets to unnecessary and sometimes painful procedures. Conventional care is no longer your only choice as more and more pet owners have realized the undeniable benefits of homeopathic therapy. Author Emilee Day is an advocate of holistic alternatives and was inspired by her two dogs, Emma and Koli, to share what she's learned with other dog lovers who believe in the healing properties of natural remedies. Essential Oils for Dogs: A Complete Guide of Natural Remedies is an excellent encyclopedic resource for beginners. Written in a simple, easy-to-understand style, your dog will immediately benefit when you put the knowledge to use. Here's a sample of what's inside: -Learn the distinct difference between Aromatherapy and Essential Oils -Discover at-home treatments and cures for a multitude of common ailments -Mastering the 3-step Rainbow technique -Find out which essential oils must NEVER be used on your dog -A list of 10 common oils to keep on hand -The 4-step process of making your own essential oils -Make non-toxic, homemade pet products right in your kitchen -And so, so much more Whether you want to simply maintain your pet's health between regular checkups or learn to treat a chronic condition naturally, this book is an A-to-Z innovative approach to your dog's overall well being. Taking care of your animal's needs in the comfortable surroundings of home is rewarding in itself, but we must warn you to be prepared for the sweet-smelling kisses and wagging tails you'll receive in appreciation.

Engineering Properties Of Weak Soils At Foundations Of Buildings

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This book presents methods for investigating poorly lithified soils under field and laboratory conditions. It also provides laws governing the deformation of such soils under loading in terms of non-linear relationships. Examples have been given to illustrate the method of determining viscoplastic flow and strength of soils as a function of time. The author - an award winner of the Government of the former USSR - has more than 50 publications to her credit.
This book should interest scientists and engineers as well as research workers of scientific research institutions and project and exploratory organisations.

Description And Sampling Of Contaminated Soils

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This second edition of EPA's bestselling book, Description and Sampling of Contaminated Soils: A Field Guide, Second Edition, has been revised and significantly expanded over the original edition. An ideal reference for anyone involved in site investigations, this guide describes how to determine the amount and extent of soil contamination and potential for movement of contaminants in the soil and groundwater. It contains checklists, tables, and step-by-step descriptions of methods and procedures for: * Cost-effective, detailed site investigations for evaluating the potential for contaminant transport * Field collection of information on soil engineering properties required for remediation selection and design This guide also features an adaptation of soil description procedures used by the U.S. Soil Conservation Service (SCS) for investigating contaminated sites. The SCS soil description and classification procedures, when used in combination with the Unified Soil Classification System currently used by geologists and engineers, greatly improves contaminated site assessments.


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