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Essentials Oils For Weight Loss - A Few Drops A Day Will Keep The Fat Bulges Awa

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Essentials Oils for Weight Loss - A Few Drops a Day Will Keep the Fat Bulges Away

You probably started this New Year with a resolution to lose weight and that may seem impossible to achieve. The fact is, excess fat itself is not a disease, but it may become the root cause of many problems, including health risks, lack of confidence and social isolation. It is a widespread problem, and researchers believe that nearly one-third of adults (approximately 35% of total population) living in the United States are obese. These 78 million people and many others around the world, everyday try various weight loss measures including exercise, diet, and medicines. Some individuals go to the extent of surgical procedures to get rid of this traumatic problem.These procedures may pose serious threats to your overall wellbeing. However, if you are looking for a permanent and safe solution to cellulite, this book has everything you need to know. Weight loss can be utterly easy with essential oil therapies and treatments.

Essential Oils for Weight Loss' will introduce you to a take-action/practical approach to the perfect body shape. What you will find and learn in this book:

1. Know and measure the extra weight that you may be carrying

2. Understanding the health risks of excess weight

3. A comparison between natural remedies and surgical procedures

4. The reason why essential oils have a positive impact on physical health

5. A detailed description of each natural oil, its uses, benefits and extraction methods

6. Usage of oils to enhance skin's natural glow

7. Miraculous beauty tips

8. Losing weight to overcome health related problems such as diabetes, poor digestion, and cardiac diseases.

9. Easy essential oil body wraps to lose inches in weeks

In short, this book has all the information about pure essential oils and their powerful non-invasive properties to reduce weight. Continue reading to unveil secrets that have never been disclosed before.

Spoils Of War

RRP $16.99

Step into the dark world of Shadowlust, if you dare, a world of beautiful women and the insatiable creatures that crave their naked flesh. Spoils of War is the first official Shadowlust sketchbook, containing 24 black and white pages of captives and slave girls, at the mercy of the savage denizens of this dark fantasy realm. This Spoils of War sketchbook brings you all-new scenes of erotic peril, not available on the website or anywhere else.Defiant to the last, or submissively accepting their fate, these girls are stripped, bound and awaiting your pleasure.You'd better hurry though, those wolves look hungry

Management Of Problem Soils In Arid Ecosystems

RRP $565.99

Management of Problem Soils in Arid Ecosystems examines the challenges of managing soils in arid and semiarid regions. These soils contain low organic matter, are not leached, and accumulate lime, gypsum, and/or soluble salts, requiring special management and practices. This book discusses how to identify problems, reclaim the soils, and then use them efficiently and economically. Water management and desertification in these areas are also discussed. It contains extensive references as well as 40 tables and illustrations.


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