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The Fun And Delight Of Birthday Candles

Birthday candles appeared once the very practical side of candles disappeared. No longer used to bring light to people's homes, candles were given other roles. The birthday custom of decorating the ca........ Read More

Soy Wax Candles – Why They Are Becoming So Popular

Soy wax candles are made from hydrogenated soybean oil making them a natural product. Soy wax is a cheaper alternative to using beeswax and creates a long and clean burning candle. Soy wax candles can........ Read More

Candles - Why People Are Making Their Own

Candles are very cheap: you can get hundreds of small candles in a bag for the price of a Happy Meal, and the bigger ones aren’t much more expensive. When it’s so easy to just buy your candles in ........ Read More

Why Wholesale Candles?

Candles may be the most convenient (and perhaps the easiest to think about) type of gift that one could give during occasions. Actually, candles can be given during Christmas, birthdays and weddings......... Read More

How To Make Sea Shell Candles

Make sea shell candles in advance and scatter them over the party table for a unique nautical decoration. Or, with a little adult assistance, kids can make these beautiful candles to take home as par........ Read More

Making A Candlestick Handle

Build a gauge to cut the slit of handle the next stage is to cut a slit in the base for the handle. For this, the need for you’ll to build another gauge. The cone on the bottom of the base is pretty........ Read More

Beautifying Your Life With Scented Candles

Scented Candles are a great way to decorate, scent, or just add warmth to any area. Scented candles are a favorite of most people because they create a clean smell, the smell of home, or even the smel........ Read More

Richly Scented Candles – What Exactly Does This Mean?

Richly scented candles are the ones you need to buy if you want to enjoy the scent of the candles outdoors as well as indoors. These candles do not lose their scent when you light them outside on the ........ Read More

Led Candles Are On-off Candles?

You can enjoy the aura of candlelight without fire, heat, gel or wax, purchasing the new, safe, beautiful led candles, sitting in frosted glass containers, flicking like real wax or gel candles. As le........ Read More

Making The Candlestick Hole

The easiest part of making a candlestick, is to make the hole. Of course, this by no means is to say that you can just up and do it, but if you follow my advice, it's all gonna be alright. So when you........ Read More

Evoking The Right Moods With Aromatherapy Candles

For your wedding anniversary this time, you planned a lovely evening, complete with a sumptuous dinner by the candle light. Though everything went right according to your plans, it were the candles th........ Read More

Buy Discount Candles Online Or Make Them Yourself

If you’re looking to buy discount or wholesale candles online you’re in luck. You can find just about any type of candle online to add decoration and beauty to your home. Likewise, if you enjoy m........ Read More

Beeswax Candles

I love to buy candles, but there are many that end up being very disappointing. You have probably had the same experience, and quite often the problem is what the candles are made from. If you get o........ Read More

Aromatherapy Candles - Great For Bath Time!

I don't know about you, but I find that my days are a constant whirl of activity, with very little "me" time these days, which is not what I anticipated. I had this rather naive idea that as my daught........ Read More

Personalized Unity Candles: When Two Become One

Many different wedding traditions have developed over the years in the Christian church. There’s the tossing of the bride’s bouquet and the removal of the bridal garter. There’s also the trad........ Read More


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